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Beyond Speaking Skills

Mark works from the inside-out as well as the outside-in to coach the entire person. This helps you FEEL confident as well as APPEAR confident. You will learn speaking skills that will help you communicate more effectively, but you will also learn why common mental habits lock you in fear, and how to change it.

Mark's Philosophy

Mark's approach includes as much focus on improving the mindset of the speaker as improving their skill in public speaking.

From an early age, Mark developed a love for communication through singing. It took more than a decade of struggling and training to fully express his voice on stage. Combined with a background as a therapist, it has become his passion to teach others who struggle with expressing themselves in their own areas of expertise.

6 Ways to Raise Your Status During a Presentation

6 Ways to Raise Your Status During a Presentation

By Mark Stanton | July 24, 2017

There is a pecking order in society, and like it or not, you rank somewhere on that order. People rank each other in status anywhere between high and low, and the ramifications of your status can be liberating or limiting. While it may seem unfair, this process is hardwired into … Read more

3 ways to recover from mistakes during a speech

3 Ways To Recover From Mistakes During A Speech

By Mark Stanton | July 15, 2017

Worried you’ll make a mistake while public speaking? Maybe you’ll stutter, lose your train of thought, trip over the rug, or maybe you’ll accidentally leave your zipper down. It doesn’t always go as you rehearsed it. Humiliation surely awaits after mistakes happen. But does it have to? What if you … Read more

Overcoming Speech anxiety

How Speech Anxiety Turns You Into Someone Else

By Mark Stanton | July 6, 2017

How Speech Anxiety Turns You Into Someone Else We all have a colleague who is normally comfortable, confident, and relaxed when speaking 1-on-1, but suddenly turns flat, monotone, and boring when they speak in public. What’s that all about? Why does public speaking suck our personality from our body like … Read more

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Brian N

“I would get really anxious talking to strangers at networking events, and the idea of running my own workshops felt off-limits to me. Since beginning to practice this, not only has my ability to speak to strangers greatly improved, my overall anxiety has reduced! Not only did my speaking skills improve, I am also much more comfortable with myself now--which to me is priceless. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking to up-level their speaking skills AND their confidence in themselves!"

- Brian N 

David Born

“His sense of humor and caring spirit makes that journey all the more easier. I highly recommend him and encourage anyone who needs this work to jump in with both feet with Mark”

- David B

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